Why Have Apprenticeships?

October 20, 2017
Submitted by Michael D. McKelvy, Workforce Matters, Sr. Consultant


Why Have Apprenticeships?

Are they cost-effective? Are they beneficial to the employee/employer? Do they work with our current models for workforce development and job training programs?  The simple answer is yes.

Most employers spend considerable time and resources finding and trying to keep good employees. Many times, an employer even when they identify a qualified employee they do not know if they are a good fit for the company until months later. If it does not work the costly cycle starts all over again.

The benefit to the employee is that they get hands-on practice with the skills they require through whatever job training program they are enrolled. As most of us know you cannot fully understand a job and all its complexities until you are doing the job. For the employee, it is a way to see if this a company they can work for in the future and even more important is this the correct career choice.

The employer on the other hand when partnering with a job training program has a built-in pipeline for qualified workers. Not only does it help save money but the employer is helping make sure prospective new employees are learning the correct skills. Also, it is an excellent way to evaluate future employees without having to make a long-term commitment.

Lastly, it can easily fit into most job training programs. One could easily substitute some of the class work for on the job training at partner locations. Also, apprenticeships are a way to help provide some financial support to students in job training programs or help with training costs.

So why have apprenticeships? A better question…Why not?


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