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“I have never forgotten how important you were in my life as a mentor and a life coach to me. I have applied everything you taught me and have asked myself those tough questions that you would have me think about that took days to answer. I have used the skill set you taught me in not only in work related situations but also with my family.  I would like to Thank You from the bottom of my heart of how grateful I am for you and the time and effort you spent with me.  You made me a better leader.”

Jacob Garcia
Pretreatment Coordinator

“When we needed help improving the ‘on-ramp’ for low-skilled Tulsa parents who were struggling to enhance their basic skills for success at the local community and technical colleges, we engaged Dazzie and her Workforce Matters team. They quickly sized up the situation drawing on their considerable experience and knowledge of the field, and crafted a series of practical steps local partners could take to address this pressing need in a timely manner. Workforce Matters truly understands workforce and education policies and programs and is adept at coming up with no-nonsense, evidence-based solutions.”

Dr. Christopher King
Senior Research Scientist & Lecturer
Ray Marshall Center, LBJ School of Public Affairs
The University of Texas at Austin

“Equipped with experience in the public sector, community-based organizations and social policy research institutions, Dazzie McKelvy has the all too rare ability to bridge between the scholarly conclusions of social policy research and the realities of the frontline in service delivery. Workforce Matters is good news for the field because even more people and organizations can now benefit from her extensive knowledge of effective programs, best practices, management of people and maintenance of strong partnerships. Dazzie McKelvy is my “go to” whenever anyone asks for a professional who can truly communicate what works in workforce development and how to get there for practitioners and leaders across the field. Whether as faculty in workforce and sectoral employment learning communities, consultant to organizations developing new programs or presenter at workshops and webinars, Dazzie makes a positive impact. And she’s just a joyful presence, too!”

Dee Wallace
Workforce Program Development

“Dazzie was introduced to Jeremiah Program at the beginning of operational expansion into Austin in 2011. Dazzie worked as a consultant to design, implement and facilitate ASPIRE, a “Single Mom Support Group,” at Austin Community College (ACC). Her experience and knowledge of workforce development helped craft an exceptional program to introduce Jeremiah to Austin and ACC. The fact that Dazzie is well known and respected in the Austin nonprofit, education, and workforce community was a key to the success of our pilot program. Her passion for the mission inspired others to stand behind us, invest in us, and take up our cause. I highly recommend Dazzie as a most seasoned professional and exemplary addition to any organization.”

Shannon Moody
Executive Director
Jeremiah Program

“Ms. McKelvy is able to take a complex programmatic goal and generate a plan with straightforward steps to achieve the goal. Recently, JobPath received a grant to expand into the Phoenix area. We were encountering some communications issues with the local community colleges, JobPath contacted Ms. McKelvy to assist us with this matter. Due to her experience in working with community colleges and workforce development agencies, she immediately gained the trust of the college personnel and developed a plan for us to work together regarding student enrollment and training. Ms. McKelvy is an asset to any team dealing with workforce issues.”

Hermi Cubillos
Executive Director

“Workforce Matters has provided reliable services which included an audit of VIDA program services. Through this engagement, Workforce Matters was able to identify subtle ways to improve program delivery and efficiencies that when bundled, have a significant impact to VIDA’s total operations. This includes training. I would be remise if I did not highlight that in addition to the specific training and capacity building services offered by Workforce Matters, Ms. McKelvy is cunning in her ability to impart training and guidance in every aspect of her service delivery. It is with great pleasure that I extend our recommendation of Workforce Matters, the professionalism with which each project is undertaken and the ethical fiber that Ms. McKelvy brings to each client.”

Myra Garcia
Executive Director

“Twelve years ago, when I was looking to hire the first staff person for Capital IDEA, Dazzie was top on my list. Over the years that followed, I was continually impressed with what an excellent decision it was to bring her on board.  Her experience and knowledge of workforce development helped craft an exceptional program.  Her passion for the mission inspired others to stand behind us, invest in us, and take up our cause. Her energy and charisma brought new friends to the organization and helped build lasting partnerships. Additionally she worked internally to help grow and mold our staff.  She engaged with participants and graduates of our program, and for many she embodied the true spirit of the Capital IDEA mission of Connecting People to Their Future.”

Steven Jackobs
Executive Director
Capital IDEA

“I have enjoyed knowing and working with Dazzie over the past twelve years at Capital IDEA. She approaches her work in a passionate, friendly and competent manner.”

Earl Maxwell
Chief Executive Officer
St. David’s Foundation

“Dazzie Mckelvy is a knowledgeable workforce professional. She brings enthusiasm and knowledge to her work. She thinks of students first and ways to make them successful. I have always looked forward to working with her on any project, knowing that it will be successful because she will make sure that it is.”

Sandra H. Gaskinn
Executive Director
National Council for Continuing Education and Training

“Dazzie, you will never know the impact you made in my life over the years. When I saw you, I saw strength, peace, love, understanding, so many things. You made me feel like I could conquer anything. “

Michelle Walker
Charge Nurse
Fresenius Medical Care
Graduate of Capital IDEA

“Dazzie is a highly effective workforce development expert. She has produced great results through innovation approaches and is a real and forceful leader.”

Bill McLellan
Treaty Oak Bank

“Dazzie works so synergistically. I’ve never known anyone that wants the best result to benefit everyone involved.  She still takes into consideration what their specific needs are in order to feel worthwhile and never strips that from them.  Dazzie honors reality and doesn’t get upset if it’s not what should be going on.  She makes adjustments that are necessary while encouraging people to contribute.  Dazzie mediates at the highest level.”

Martha Smith MSW
Lead Counselor, Retired
Austin Independent School District

“I’ve known and worked with Dazzie for over a decade and in all that time she has never failed to set and meet the highest goals imaginable by her organization.  To partner with Dazzie is to partner with success.”

Max A. Ramirez
Program Specialist
Southwest Key Programs, Inc.

“It was always a pleasure working with Dazzie. She is a student advocate, with fresh ideas, who follows through. She manages to negotiate resolutions, always mindful of organizational issues. She is a positive, can-do professional, who gets results.”

Kathleen E . Christensen, Ph.D
Vice President, SS&SS
Austin Community College

“Dazzie is a force of nature. She embodies the rare combination of tack-sharp analytical thinking and advanced emotional intelligence. This gives her the ability to address complex problems with empathy and concern for the individual. She leads by inspiring those around her to be their best.”

Jody Horton

“Dazzie was an original founder of Capital IDEA. Over the past four years I have conducted three multiple-day site visits to Capital IDEA, and I’ve spent a lot of time with Dazzie, her staff, community partners, funders, board members, college partners, and student-participants (among others!).  I can say with confidence that Capital IDEA  is one of the most well-managed sector workforce development organizations in the U.S.  Over the past 10 years, Dazzie has worked to grow Capital IDEA into what is also one of the largest sector initiatives—in terms of numbers of participants served, the variety of occupations targeted (in very focused ways), depth of professional staff, and diversity of funding.  Dazzie and a couple of her colleagues started the organization working literally from the trunk of her car.  The roles I know she has played there have included planner, program developer, relationship-builder, fundraiser, and (importantly!) staff developer.
For the past two years, through my own work on AspenWSI’s Courses to Employment project, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Dazzie five different times for three-day meetings with representatives of five other sector-focused CBO-community college partnerships.  She is clearly viewed as an expert by her practitioner peers, and I can understand how she has come to this point in her career and why she is interested in channeling her experiences, energy and passion into helping others to build high-functioning organizations.  She has a LOT of experience to share—and as I imagine you would agree much of the most valuable input on sector and workforce programming comes from the people who have experience implementing strategies and programs.
Dazzie is interested in doing project-based work in areas including designing programs, building partnerships, training and developing people and teams, and implementing business solutions.  She has really terrific communications and presentation skills, and her energy and enthusiasm just light up any group I’ve seen her engaged with.”

Amy Blair
Senior Consultant to the Aspen Institute’s
Workforce Strategies Initiative

“Dazzie Mckelvy has always been a joy to work with as she brings integrity, creativity and concern for the learner to every situation.”

Lee Ogburn-Russell, PhD, RN
Associate Vice-President, Health Professions
Temple College

“I met Dazzie 10 years ago when Capital IDEA was conceived. Dazzie was integral to gaining traction in the workforce development space, using her experience, strength of personality, and commitment to the work at hand. Since then, her flexibility, persistence, and dedication to the work of Capital IDEA has helped to elevate the organization to first chair in Central Texas for long term mentored training. “

Rick Burciaga
Community Banking Manager-Retail Banking
Wells Fargo Bank

“I value the successful working-relationship and friendship that Dazzie and I have developed since 1998 and have great respect and appreciation for all the hard work and dedication Dazzie has given to CI (Capital IDEA). Dazzie’s consistent strong support and ongoing communication with me and the PMG staff over the years has been instrumental in establishing and enhancing the successful working-relationship between PMG and all the CI staff.”

George DeLuca
PMG – Your “Off-Site” Personnel Department!

“Dazzie is an exceptional manager, an excellent role model and passionate leader. It has been an absolute privilege working on her team. Her commitment to our participants and to fulfilling our mission has been motivational to me personally and professionally. Over the last several years I’ve come to rely heavily on her sound judgment. Beyond her role as a manager, I would like to note that Dazzie is a dynamic and engaging speaker. She is a wealth of knowledge in the areas of workforce development, sectoral partnerships, and all the ins and outs of the non-profit world. She is practical visionary, a warm personality and fabulous person.”

Liz Ramon
Senior Communications Coordinator
Capital IDEA

“Dazzie is a superb manager of people. She listens well, works well and understands the complexity of relationships within an office. She encourages people to reach their highest potential and nurtures them giving them the support they need to succeed. In the area of workforce education, there is no one who knows the field better than Dazzie. Dazzie is an extraordinary leader who is candid, straightforward and an excellent addition to a management team. I worked with Dazzie both during my time as an outside consultant to her organization working through some difficult organizational issues and later as a member of the Board of Directors of Capital IDEA. “

Martha Smiley
Of Counsel
Winstead PC

“Dazzie is always a joy to work with. Even though her work is a challenge, she always goes about it with great joy, enthusiasm and the upmost professional integrity. She is committed to all she does and brings relief to the sometimes hopeless and neglected members of our society. If not for her efforts many people would not have the hope of a good future. She is what Mother Theresa of Calcutta referred to herself as: “I am but a pencil in the hand of God.” She is an asset to anyone she works with.”

Sean McGuire, M.S.W.
Pastoral Associate
St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic Church

“I love working with Dazzie. Dazzie is fun, energetic and a master at designing workforce strategies, building relationships and implementing business solutions. I helped Dazzie and Capital IDEA explore new technologies, such as Social Media, blogging and CRM to better communicate with their partners and prospects. I have no doubt that Dazzie and Workforce Matters will be able to help organizations streamline, execute and restructure their businesses and become more successful. “

Steve Rosenbaum
Internet Marketing Advisor

“I have known and worked with Dazzie for over four years and it is a pleasure to work with her. I find her to have great passion and integrity at work. Dazzie takes the time necessary to learn and educate herself when she is faced with a new challenge. I am most amazed by the fact that she was willing to take the time to assist other organizations while still focusing on the needs of her organization.”

Michael Grimes, CPA
Hamilton, Pyle & Bowman, LLP

“I have known Dazzie McKelvy for over 15 years. She is the consummate professional. She is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of workforce development, program planning and development, and community organization. Dazzie has been very instrumental in the development and success of Capital IDEA from its inception. I have been around to watch her and it grow into a viable community solution for its clients! Dazzie will continue to be successful in her new endeavors. I cannot wait to see what she does next!!”

Sheila Rosenberg, PhD
Performance Accountability

“I worked with Dazzie both as a full-time Communications Coordinator with Capital IDEA and then again as a Communications consultant. Dazzie is the ideal supervisor: she offers excellent guidance and mentorship without micromanaging. She trusts in the work of her staff, but when constructive criticism is needed, she imparts it with the intention of improving the organization, as well as helping the staff member grow and become better. Dazzie understands how to encourage and empower her staff so that they do their best work. I would never turn down an opportunity to work with her! “

Anna McGarity
Marketing & Communications Consultant

“I recommend Dazzie McKelvy without reservation. She is a dedicated professional who is decisive, creative, ethical and has outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. Her demonstrated fundraising abilities and keen awareness of local, national, and international issues enhance her value as a consultant in today’s market.”

Carolyn S. Carter, Ph.D., LCSW, LLP
Licensed Clinical Social Worker