Below are services we provide. The Workforce Matters team will assess your situation and customize services to meet your organizational and workforce development needs. If you have an active RFP (Request For Proposals) you would like our team to consider, please call us at 512.924.7761 or use our contact form to Contact Us.

Our Clients include community colleges, state agencies, independent school districts, non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses and corporations. See Our Clients.

Workforce Strategies K–16

If you are looking to create a new program that turns your vision into an effective organizational strategy, Workforce Matters can:

  • Design, develop, and implement accelerated bridge or college prep programs
  • Develop, design, and implement workforce strategies
  • Develop, grow and advance partnerships that work
  • Assessing business values of workforce services
  • Provide business policies and solutions
  • Develop and improve outcomes and opportunities for low-income and minority job seekers
  • Connecting workforce development and economic development
  • Provide technical assistance to organizations
  • Provide education, business, employee and job seeker workforce development services


Human Resources Services

If your organization needs to make effective and efficient use of its employees, reduce risk, and maximize return on investments so you can focus on your vision, Workforce Matters can:

  • Provide talent acquisition, training, development, on-boarding and management
  • Reorganize and restructure staff roles, responsibilities and reporting functions
  • Provide executive coaching and leadership development
  • Develop diversity and engagement strategies
  • Perform organizational assessment, determine effectiveness, and implement transformation
  • Provide leadership and team training
  • Evaluate compensation practices


Internal Business Policies and Services

If you need to determine how well your organization is performing and executing its strategies in an objective way, Workforce Matters can:

  • Evaluate content, delivery, and consistency of services
  • Evaluate efficiencies and deficiencies of operations, processes, and procedures
  • Provide assistance to establish metrics and develop reports
  • Recommend changes for maximum efficacy for internal procedures, tracking and reporting
  • Provide best practices for program and business operation
  • Provide follow–up assistance to implement recommendations and/or best practices


Crisis Management Services

If your organization wants to have a plan in place to protect itself and minimize disruptions in the event of a crisis, and/or has already found itself in a financial, leadership or other crisis, Workforce Matters can:

  • Provide interim duties as Executive Director or CEO
  • Develop transition plan for key staff
  • Manage reorganizations and/or staff reductions
  • Provide mediation as needed
  • Provide coaching and assistance to convene affected partners, board, or staff and begin rebuilding relationships
  • Develop workable solutions and strategies to avoid reoccurrences


Workforce Speakers Bureau

Our team can host discussions, introduce and speak authoritatively on a wide-array of Workforce related topics, including these suggested topics:

  • Workforce Development Strategies:
  • National Trends
  • Workforce Intermediaries and System Change
  • College to Career
  • Two-Generation Strategies
  • Sectoral Strategies
  • Career Pathway Partnerships
  • Win-Win Strategies for Industries and Communities
  • Maximizing ROI
  • Higher Education Strategies:
  • Maximizing State Agency Resources
  • Community College Partnerships
  • Higher Education Partnerships
  • Aligning College Curriculum with Employer Needs
  • K-12 Strategies:
  • Education and Technology
  • Career pathways
  • Career and Technology Courses or Certifications
  • Industry and Education Partnerships
  • Job Mentoring Programs
  • Human Resources:
  • Managing Conflict
  • Performance Management
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Effective Employee Relations
  • Workforce Trends
  • How to Lead Millennials
  • Career Drivers


Staff Development and Training

If you’re ready to start the process of improving staff skills and competencies and investing in training your staff to realize the potential needed to produce outstanding results, Workforce Matters can:

  • Assess skills, knowledge and ability of current staff
  • Identify skill and/or knowledge gaps along with underutilized abilities or capacities
  • Provide recommended individual and/or team training and development plan(s)
  • Provide leadership training and coaching to key staff
  • Provide training in team-building as needed
  • Train on performance management


Strategic Planning Workshops

If you need to define your strategy, make decisions on allocating resources, control mechanisms for guiding implementation, and a solid well crafted three to five-year strategic plan, Workforce Matters can:

  • Facilitate strategic planning session – engaging all stakeholders to:
  • Determine position
  • Develop strategy
  • Build a strategic plan
  • Manage strategic performance