Continuing Workforce Education?

March 30, 2016

Submitted by Michael McKelvy


Continuing Workforce Education?

Recently, I was listening to a news channel and overheard them mention job training and education for the future. One of the observations mentioned was the model for high school education  where college might not be valid anymore.  Some of the reasons for a new model are technology innovations that change so fast, those jobs here today can be gone or changed so dramatically in 5 -10 years that qualified workers are hard to find. One  person mentioned there needs to be a third step for people that are currently in the workforce that involves new job training or education. That got me thinking.

The first  thing that came to mind is what does that mean. Do we need a new graduate school model for job training to address this situation? Maybe professions  should add continuing education hours like lawyers or doctors to all fields. Or, how about industries get together and create an innovative educational studies program that teach people already in the workforce skills needed for the future.

I do not know what the answer is, but I do think an area for growth in workforce development is how to address this issue. I believe the days of training for specific jobs might be over. What we need are new and innovative ways to teach future skills and problem solving skills that employers find valuable on  a continuing education basis.  Well, whatever the answers may be it is time to start implementing new ideas and getting in front of our ever changing world.

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