Areas of Expertise

With decades of experience, a deep understanding of non-profit, business issues and workforce development best practices, we can take organizations to the next level. We bring extensive experience in education K-16, workforce development strategies, business solutions and human resource acumen.

Our Collective Expertise

Areas of Expertise Venn Diagram

Workforce Development Strategies

  • Create and/or advance dual generation strategies
  • Create and/or advance sector strategies
  • Develop and or advance regional career pathway partnerships
  • Define sustainability
  • Develop infrastructure to manage complex partnerships
  • Maintain streamline and efficient operating structure
  • Develop a diverse funding base
  • Remain entrepreneurial
  • Identify and resolve operational challenges
  • Identify capacity building strategies
  • Identify employment sectors and target populations
  • Provide technical assistance

Program Design and Implementation

  • Develop, design and implement bridge or college prep programs.
  • Assess workforce programs and operations
  • Provide training and technical assistance on best practices for program service and delivery
  • Provide technical assistance to increase program and policy effectiveness
  • Plan, develop, implement, and/or evaluate programs

Partnership Establishment and Growth

  • Identify partners and their roles
  • Develop partner relationships
  • Provide technical assistance for outreach to partners

Leadership and Team Training

  • Provide organizational transformation
  • Provide executive coaching
  • Establish HR policy development/implementation
  • Establish performance management systems
  • Ensure diversity & inclusion
  • Improve talent acquisition/retention
  • Provide peer learning and coaching for program managers and staff
  • Identify gaps in leadership, skill, knowledge and/or development
  • Train and develop staff and teams
  • Establish performance guideline

Business Policies and Solutions

  • Provide organizational capacity-building and sustainability planning
  • Provide strategic planning, goal setting and technical assistance 
  • Evaluate, assess and recommend organizational structure and reporting functions
  • Streamline projects, processes and systems and maintain efficacy
  • Evaluate use of technology for data, evaluation and reporting on metrics