Our Mission

To provide innovative strategies and workforce solutions for business, education, and employees that meets the needs of an ever-changing global workforce driven by integrity, innovation, teamwork and passion.

What to expect

When launching a project with Workforce Matters your project will be assessed by the CEO, Dazzie McKelvy. The team will decide on a point person and propose a strategy for your project. Although you will work directly with the point person, you will have the benefit of a team of experts who will provide value, innovation, and excellence from their fields of expertise to keep your project on time and on budget. Contact us to get started.

Top Reasons to Hire Workforce Matters

Workforce Matters has the staff, skills and expertise your organization needs to take it to the next level. Our track record speaks for itself.

We act as a catalyst for change. When change is needed, Workforce Matters will be an objective listener to identify problems, provide fresh and objective viewpoints, and deliver results while respecting your workplace culture, managing employee morale, and other sensitive issues.

We teach. Workforce Matters’ consultants have special skills, knowledge and expertise. One of our core values is to stay abreast of advances and developments in our chosen fields so information and best practices can be passed on to clients with knowledge and authority.

We bring new life to an organization. The Workforce Matters team are idea starters and innovative thinkers. We can assist with developing innovative processes, building outside collaboration, identifying gaps in services, and restructuring for optimal performance. Workforce Matters can help your organization retool or reinvent itself with expertise and services beyond your current resources.

We can handle a crisis. If your organization is experiencing a crisis, the time has come to call Workforce Matters. Crises occur in various forms. Resolution can be achieved more quickly when an external expert brings perspective to a tumultuous situation.

We model leadership and offer training. A skilled and motivated staff is essential for growth and success. Workforce Matters can model leadership, improve internal communication and offer professional development to staff at any level.

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